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OPN SmartTender

Enterprise smart tendering system based on Cloud and Blockchain technology.

Make sure your sourcing process is completely transparent and secure in just a few clicks.

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OPN Full Cycle

Blockchain powered module to optimal packaging waste disposal, recycling, and re-entry into the packaging production cycle.

Track the location and condition of the raw material using those unique identifiers. This system guarantees the effective location of after-use packaging and prevention of it’s disposal into landfills or oceans.

OPN OptPack

Packaging optimization module - reduction of the price of your packaging

Reduce materials costs and packaging waste, be more competitive in the market and receive recommendations about the sort and choice of packaging materials.

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OPN Artwork

Packaging Design, Prepress and Management - easy to use smart automation tool.

Enforce brand identity guidelines, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce design problems. Preflight the artwork live and visualize the final packaged product in 3D. Use smart templates to create ready-for-repro output files.

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