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IPackExpo is a virtual packaging expo brought to you by OPN Platform. OPN Platform has already spread their roots among some of the largest and most influential brands around the World. When we speak of simplicity and accessibility, the software that we offer is exactly that and we have translated this market into a flexible packaging industry online; known as the IPackExpo.  


Companies and exhibitions like to encompass a holistic approach when it comes to products and what they have to offer. At OPN, we have taken a niche within the market and created a platform just for the global packaging industry. A marketplace, as such, where buyers and sellers can meet virtually and learn more about offerings that can make the packaging industry boom.  

Take your business online, your reach becomes global thanks to IPackExpo

Benefits To Find Perfect Packaging Solution


We do not manufacture any packaging, but we are the only platform you will require to find the perfect packaging solution for your product. Business owners can reach their target market from around the world in real-time and never have to leave their office to give you world-class service. At OPN IPACKEXPO, you will meet the major role players and the rising stars of the global packaging world, and discover the latest sustainable innovations destined to transform the industry for the better. Open Packaging network is the perfect packaging solution currently. 


Advantages Of Online exhibition globally


Due to the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, online exhibition globally have been cancelled or postponed. While some may be starting up again, people are cautious and not as open as they would have usually been to travel or their exposure to large groups of people.  This is where the innovation of the IPackExpo comes in for the marketplace win! Read more here on how to join this phenomenon… Companies are invited to exhibit their business offerings as they would at a traditional exhibition. Attendees are invited to virtually view numerous companies and speak to employees. With further options to watch videos explaining in-depth knowledge of the brand while being able to follow up leads in real time, this is a digital revolution to the packaging industry.

You can register to exhibit at our event every month here or see for yourself the reach your company can gain whilst on our platform. This is value for money as our attendee limit is 100 000 people.  

This is digital business at its finest and a phenomenon that will be swooped up in no time by businesses around the world. Take advantage of our limited special that we are currently running. You can witness first-hand how amazing this technology can be to you and your business.  

We want you to reap the rewards of being part of a virtual reality that brings the world of packaging together online!  

Below is a video on how easy the sign up process is…

For further information you can e-mail our expo team: or visit our website at  

Together we can change our packaging industry to be globally accessible and sustainable...


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